Our Culture

We are proud to be a company that is recognised as being honest, flexible and passionate.

Leading the way in innovation and customer experience, we strive to create a climate that encourages our people to achieve their best - personally and professionally.

Our Culture

At CloudCom Technologies, we aim to lead, not follow. One of the ways we do this is through an open diverse culture that values performance, where anyone in the team can bring new ideas to the table and see them thrive. Our people are empowered, unique, considerate, supportive, trusting and accepting, which is why we offer:

  • Participation in the company's performance review and planning process.
  • Flexible work options, including start times, part-time arrangements and the ability to work from home.
  • A culture that encourages open communication and sense of community by providing regular internal communications such as internal newsletters and media updates.
  • Direct access to Senior Management with an open door policy.

Training and Development

Our commitment is to invest in our team and encourage employees to continuously develop their skills, knowledge and abilities in a collaborative work environment. Technologies change and evolve constantly, and we strive to remain on top of the game by providing current innovative and creative solutions to our customers, which is why we offer our team.

  • Up to 60 hours internal/external training per year with a range of programs available at all levels to compliment individual needs
  • Internal coaching and mentoring to fast track leadership opportunities
  • Tailored individual development plans to compliment your career goals
  • Flexible, blended learning and offer alternatives that allow our team to develop skills at their own pace
  • Up to 3 months career break to assist with the pressures of external course requirements
  • The opportunity to complete industry certifications giving you the ability to control how you earn once certifications are successfully completed.


At "CloudCom Technologies" we think of ourselves as a big extended family rather than just employees. Key to this is our focus on having fun in the workplace. This is an attitude that transgresses throughout our business by creating a climate where our people naturally have fun and by doing so, enjoy coming to work and look forward to how the day unfolds. Therefore, we offer the following:

  • A Birthday Cake on your birthday
  • Relaxing Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Picnics
  • Celebrating Ganesh Festival & Diwali.


In addition to great salaries, CloudCom Technologies offer:

  • Bonuses at any time for spectacular performance or contributions.
  • Purchase up to 1 week extra annual leave per year
  • Additional paid maternity leave (4 weeks)
  • Up to Rs.5000/- bonus for referring new employees to CloudCom Technologies.
  • And Various kinds of Allowance's (If required)

Recognition and Rewards

Our rewards program incorporates compensation, benefits and appreciation. By generating pride and passion our people are motivated and have the ability to bring out the best in others while inspiring them to achieve results. It is common to celebrate success and promote this throughout the business by recognising commitment and individual/team contributions, which is why we:

  • Offer regular team and individual awards to recognise great work
  • 'Any time' bonuses and gift vouchers for exceptional contributions and superior performance.
  • Great performance award per year.