Cloud Application Development

Our team of web experts helps develop, deploy and manage application in a cloud-based infrastructure for the best possible performance and scalability.

Cloud computing is giving enterprises the ability to swiftly develop and deploy both common and unique IT services to streamline the way business gets done. Reduce crucial operational costs while still maintaining rapid flexibility. This opportunity to increase the speed, agility and innovative process for the company is one that enterprises cannot avoid.

Whether you are just getting started with the cloud or consider yourself an early adopter of certain cloud features into your business practices, maintaining a realistic and well thought out strategy are ongoing necessities for working on the cloud. Here at Cloud Technologies, we will help you develop and maintain that strategy or evaluate your current strategy to ensure you are receiving the highest ROI possible.

As different cloud platforms continue to emerge as means for building applications, it can become a daunting task to get started on the cloud. Leverage our experience of working with multiple cloud platforms to help develop or expand your enterprise's use of various cloud platforms.

Cloud Technologies will help you develop applications formatted specifically to your business practices that will utilize all the benefits that come from working on the cloud. As your business grows, the more advantageous it will be to have an application that can adapt at an impeccably fast rate.

For even more information into what we do with the cloud, visit our cloud services page or contact us today to get started on a tailored plan for your business.

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Integration of Cloud application development services

We offer our cloud migration service to help our clients to leverage full benefits of cloud computing.

Configuring and Deploying Applications into Cloud Infrastructure

There are many different providers helping you get all the benefits of the cloud hosting environment. Each provider offers specific benefits. We have gained a lot of experience in deploying of applications into Amazon AWS, Rockspace, SoftLayer cloud infrastructure.

Scaling Your Cloud-Based Application

Our team has a rich experience in professionally scaling applications in the cloud. We configure and manage our clients' applications to reach different technological goals required by business growth and evolving needs including, but not limited to, configuration of load balancers, CloudWatch services, custom application scenarios based on the API-driven infrastructure.

Migrating Existing Application to the Cloud

It doesn't matter how complex your company's infrastructure is. Our team will work closely with you to professionally help you migrate the existing environment to the Cloud. Our competent staff will conduct a detailed analysis and proper migration planning to carefully prepare the live platform for a successful and seamless migration.

Industries We Serve

The team has worked on numerous projects in all aspects of the IT industry.

  • Financial
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Asset Management
  • Medial / Pharmaceutical
  • Telephony Applications
  • Retail / Billing
cloud application development

Our Service Benefits

  • It will provide you with high agility so that you can respond to business needs within seconds.
  • It will help you cut cost. You can convert your CAPEX to OPEX, and pay as you go for only the resources you need.
  • Enable your customers to access your application and their data from anywhere using any device! The cloud is serving you from all over the globe.
  • Cloud multi-tenancy ensures cost of keeping "lights-on" is shared across many users. Spend your money only where it makes a business benefit.
  • Elastic cloud designs enable you to handle your customer needs. You will never have to show "server too busy" again; and will never have a slow website.

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